Mistakes Sugar Daddies Make When Having Sex For The First Time

While changing sexual attitudes have led to an increase in casual sex, sugar dating culture isn't for everyone. Because of the unrealistic lessons of mainstream porn, and the general social narrative of positioning men as sex recipients rather than donors, it seems that they often focus on their own happiness (especially connecting scenes) to the exclusion of everything -- including their partner's basic comfort level. This means that you may be letting down the next sugar baby you date without realizing it. To avoid this, here are some common sugar daddy first date mistakes. 1. Ignore disagreement
First of all, you should not ignore sugar baby's disapproval and have sex with her. That said, you should stay awake, at least to some extent, so that you can agree to have sex in this particular situation. If you try to move forward without their consent, it could be considered sexual harassment, assault or even rape.
I know most sugar daddies are very worried about ruining the atmosphere by getting approval. You may not have the confidence to ask for something, especially if you don't know each other very well. In reality, asking for permission is actually quite sexy. If you know how to mix consent questions with profanity, you can take control of every step of your date without ruining the atmosphere. On the sugar daddy dating site, you can hook up via text or email, which is where sexting comes in handy. But once you're there in person, be direct. Say, 'I really want to have sex with you now. Can we? Or try saying, "I want to eat you up and make you scream... What do you think?" You don't have to be a robot to get permission. Be clear about what you want from them. Then listen and respect their answers. 2. Ignore foreplay
Ignoring foreplay is one of the common mistakes sugar dads make. It's often portrayed as two people entering each other's bodies as quickly as possible, regardless of reason, repression and concern. Sure, it may seem glamorous in the movies, but moving quickly usually leads to bad sex. Good sex involves patience, understanding each other's bodies, preferences, and benefits from sex. Giving your sugar baby enough time to really get going will give your body plenty of lubrication.
So, give yourself some time for foreplay -- kissing, caressing, rubbing, pointing, or any other sexual activity, such as role-playing or swearing. If you don't, it probably means your first time will be the only time. Being a thoughtful sugar daddy means you're more likely to continue to date this person (if that's what you want) and get along better in bed with other sugar babies in the future. 3. Make assumptions about what your sugar baby wants
It's an easy mistake to blindly assume what sugar babies want. The only way to know what your sugar baby wants is to ask them. Do they want sex? Do they want foul language or weird props? Be open about what you want and encourage your partner to do the same. Another assumption that may make you wrong is that you will mistakenly assume that the rules of a past relationship apply here as well. But the truth is, no two people have the same body, no two people have the same sexual orientation, and just because your ex likes you beating them from behind doesn't mean your new partner likes you, too. There are no absolute sex tricks or techniques that will wow every lover, so check out what they like with your sugar baby throughout the process.
4. Force your sugar baby to orgasm
This seems to be a mistake most men make. Yes, a sugar baby who doesn't have an orgasm may indicate that they're not enjoying themselves, but the solution is not to focus too much on your partner's orgasm. Don't turn sex -- or post-coital conversation -- into an inquiry about whether they're having an orgasm. Because most women find these questions offensive. Your sugar baby's orgasm isn't meant to be a blow to your self-esteem, so don't put it all on you. You may be genuinely interested in whether or not they are having an orgasm, but when you ask them (especially more than once), it can exacerbate stress and reduce their happiness. Instead, focus on asking them what they like and want, rather than focusing on a specific result.
5. Focus too much on your own happiness
Even though it's a first date, first sex, not knowing someone is no excuse to abuse them. In fact, having sex with someone who isn't interested in their happiness is a very selfish way to do it. Don't be the kind of person who gets off the bus at once. Pay attention to your partner's sex drive, not your own happiness. Sex begins with the first intimate look or touch. You don't need to love someone to make sure they're happy too -- but it does make you better at sex. Explore their bodies with your hands and mouth. Pay attention to their hints and words. If in doubt, ask them if they like something.
6. Don't discuss (or practice) safe sex
Sex education is partly about safe sex. Safe sex is the responsibility of both parties, so don't leave the preparation to your sugar baby. Talk about the precautions you would like to take and actively purchase and use safer sex products, whether they include condoms, lubricants, dental DAMS, etc. Since ejaculation and penetration are two different things, and you need to get sugar baby's permission, you should also be careful when it comes to orgasm. Are there places where they don't want you to ejaculate, or where they want you to ejaculate? Before you reach orgasm, you should be able to answer these types of questions, and as a rule of thumb, you should avoid ejaculation on the first date, even if they explicitly request it. After all, sugar relationships are short term arrangements and you don't want to get in trouble with your kids, do you?
As a sugar daddy, if you find yourself making any of these mistakes, fortunately, now you know how to avoid them! How do you measure how long you should wait to have sex? Will these Suggestions help you in the future? Leave me a message!
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