How To Disagree With Your Sugar Baby In A Tense Situation

Finding a sugar baby and starting a sugar relationship is easy, after all there are so many sugar daddy websites on Google. The sugar relationship is a wonderful one. It refers to a mutually beneficial relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby. However, there will be times of disagreement in every relationship: conflict is natural, but we need to learn how to deal with it! One moment you're arguing with your sugar baby about the price of an upcoming trip, the next you're embroiled in a fight that could ruin your relationship. So, how do you get through an argument with your sugar baby in a stressful situation without getting into a screaming match and saying something that you both regret later? Here, we have some practical tips on how to end an argument without causing too much damage. Don't blame your sugar baby
Making your sugar baby think she's irrational is more likely to lead to arguments. Here are some examples:
"You totally overreacted. That's what you thought. I never said that." "You need to calm down. You're hysterical now without saying anything." Be considerate of your sugar babies. Just like you, they have bad moods. If your sugar baby has a strong emotional response to what you say, there may be a reason. Slow down and ask yourself, "how can I make my baby feel heard?" Instead of judging her reaction, ask yourself why she feels the way she does. It is always wise to ask questions without jumping to conclusions. Remember not to challenge your sugar baby's feelings -- only her assumptions. Here are some good examples to tell your sugar baby: "What do you think is the problem?" "I wonder why you say that." "Can you tell me why you are depressed?" End an argument with a yes
You may have a lot of disagreements with your sugar baby, but try to be positive without violating your principles. If you're at a dead end and don't know what to do, try to end the discussion as pleasantly as possible. After all, this is still someone you love and respect, just focus on what you agree on. Say something like: "I agree that it's unfair that you have to move when the economy is so unstable. I may not agree with your other points, but I absolutely agree with you on this moving issue." Positive tone will give people inexplicable encouragement, so less quarrel, more positive it!
Don't be too loud or aggressive
No matter how angry you are, pay attention to your voice and tone, not too loud or aggressive. Most sugar daddies easily fall into an attack mode: you may not even realize you're doing it! So be careful not to let your voice go above a certain volume. Making sure you're patient and calm will also help her stay calm without inadvertently scaring her. If she does point out that you're yelling, lower your voice immediately, don't argue with her, and apologize immediately.
Don't wear it below the belt
If you're a competitive person, it's easy to bring up old arguments or issues in a relationship just to score points. But don't do it -- it's not fair to the other person to make things ugly. What starts out as a simple, easy fight can turn into a long-simmering resentment that is harder to root out. So focus on the problem at hand, don't enlarge the scope of the struggle, let bygones be bygones.
Remember to tell yourself that there will always be time to talk more. You can complain later, but you can't take back what you said on the spur of the moment! Try to be relatively restrained in your arguments. This will prevent disagreements from entering any dark places. If you don't stab in the back, neither will she. Postpone the argument if feasible
When you're about to explode, stop yourself if you can and ask yourself if you can postpone the discussion. A lot of relationship fighting happens when one of the two parties gets nervous. If you've just come back from a hard day at the office, or if you're tired or hungry, try to put off the fight. A simple "I don't think this is the right time -- can we continue later?" Can effectively resolve emotional arguments. When you revisit it later, you'll have a calmer, fairer mood and won't say things you might regret. Impulsiveness tends to make things worse, so stay calm.
Ask if the question is really worth getting angry about
Before you have a disagreement with your sugar baby, ask yourself if the issue is really worth fighting about. Most of the time, arguments happen because someone's pride gets in the way. Yes, it's hard to keep your cool when you don't agree, but look at it this way: arguing is an investment of time and energy. There's no point in spending two hours arguing about which city to visit! You can all go if you have enough time.
Before you start arguing, take a deep breath and ask yourself: is this important? Identify disagreements that are worth discussing that are a waste of time and energy (e.g., whether you want to increase the sugar baby allowance). Letting go of your self-esteem is a choice and has the added bonus of not ruining the rest of your day. After all, you are still a gentleman, should not indulge women? When the argument is over, let it die. Don't let the negative energy continue or become nagging afterwards. Tell her you won't be in any bad mood and hope she doesn't. A frank, sweet admission will get her off her back and you can continue your sweet relationship without wasting time getting mad at each other. Good luck!
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