7 Questions You Should Ask On Your First Online Sugar Date

As we all know, 2020 is an extraordinary year. All parts of the world are affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic- COVID-19. The economy of various industries has begun to become depressed. Only the proportion of online dating has skyrocketed. The reason is simple: in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, people can only be trapped at home, and people cannot go out to socialize, let alone find a soul mate to date. At this time, when online dating, people are looking for good medicine for comfort, not to mention those young girls who have lost their jobs and have great financial pressure. They urgently need to find a man who is willing to provide financial support for them, and they begin to seek a period of mutual benefit relationship. The sugar relationship is their best choice! Although most of us are afraid of the first online dating, they are actually very important. The first impression is everything. The first online dating is also an opportunity for you to find out if the people you are interested in are suitable for your life. But the first time you think about it, it's really hard to ask someone what. Even before the date starts, you have racked your brains to ask some good questions on the first date. How deep is a question? Is it too deep? What if you use some common questions, such as questions about their work and family, to get them bored? Fortunately, you are in the right place! 7 things to ask during your first online sugar dating:
1. Ask their regrets
By sharing their most regretful and regretful moments, and even shameful experiences, this will make the other party more vulnerable and also make you closer. After all, he is willing to let you see his wounds. This is a way to establish an intimate relationship at the beginning of a love relationship. This intimate relationship may be the key to building a lasting relationship.
2. About your priorities and values
This topic may be a bit broad, but it is indeed something you need to consider in your first online sugar dating! If your priorities and values do not match, you are really not suitable for continuing dating. Do you want to understand their moral and religious views, or do you want to ask about their work/life balance? Either way, before they tell you who they are, their answer may be huge. In my opinion, the first online sugar dating does not necessarily require you to ask a series of serious questions, but more questions, such as:what do you like to do when you rest, how do you spend your leisure time, do you have any hobbies? ? In short, the real compatibility comes from the matching of chemical values.
3. Ask what their dreams are
Although most sugar dads have a successful career, they still have dreams. If you can wave your wand and let life develop exactly the way you want, imagine what your dream will be like in five years from now? . This will help us determine goals, and their answers will help enrich their current priorities (eg career, family, finances, location) and whether they can think through goals and life goals.
4. Ask them how to spend the weekend
This will help you plan a trip together in the future, understanding the holidays they like to spend and how their typical working days will be, will help you understand their interests, priorities and how they like to socialize, which is in the decision Whether you get along well (or whether you will live a social life) is important.
5. Ask their family and childhood
This is a way to understand a person's family background. During the first online sugar dating, asking these things is very basic, but the answers to these questions can also reveal something. My suggestion is to ask who they are closest to to get some information about the relationship in their lives. Regarding their childhood, this may provide you with clues about how their past affected their present and how to involve them in growth stories.
6. Ask about their living habits
Yes, it may be a bit early to ask these on the first date, but it will be helpful for your cohabitation in the future, although you may not necessarily go there. Frankly speaking, most of us may be a bit lazy, but if you are a neat freak and want to date someone who feels the same (or vice versa), this may be very important... this shows you more information about dating Than they like how to keep the bed. Remember, the way they react tells them a lot about the order and organization they need, the level of discipline, and sometimes even rigidity. Find out if they have good lifestyle habits or lazy people, and how long it takes to prepare in the morning, because this can help you determine whether they need high maintenance.
7. Ask about their worst date
Although this may sound a little rude, unless their answer is 'this date', it usually leads to relief of embarrassment and a laugh or two, and you also have to share your worst date. It is also important to observe whether you have a great way to have the same sense of humor.
Although the epidemic made our life very difficult, we should not give up hope for life, the darkness will eventually pass, before you just need to move forward actively! I hope the above questions prepared for you can help you in preparation for your first online sugar dating, who knows? Maybe they can help you find the person of your dreams. Join an upscale sugar dad dating site now to match your sugar daddy or sugar baby!
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